Supporters of the search for Triumph

Supporters of the search for Triumph

We've been wonderfully surprised by the willingness of people to help us in the search for Triumph.  Our supporters and
helpers include (in no special order!):


Admiral Kit Layman CB DSO LVO, former commander of HMS Argonaut during the Falklands War, then HMS Invincible, naval historian, and author of The Wager Disaster.


Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL, former Chief of the Defence Staff of the United Kingdom, and now a member of the House of Lords.


Commodore Robert M Williams, a former CO of Gav Don in HMS Edinburgh.


Colonel Tony Morphet, our Defence Attache in Athens, who has been very generous with his time and support, and has been very helpful in introducing the Association to key people in Greece.


Lord Robin Janvrin GCB GCVO QSO PC, a former Naval Officer who latterly was appointed Private Secretary to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and now sits in the House of Lords.


Captain Patrick J Walker CBE RN, who commanded three submarines between 1980 and 1993.  Captain Walker's uncle Sub Lt JTR Walker RN, was lost in HMS Parthian somewhere off Brindisi in August 1943.


Captain Ioannides Partsalides, Hellenic Navy, who has been very supportive, and introduced us to the Hellenic Coast Guard. 


Dr Angelli Simosi, Director of the Ephorate of Underwater Archaeology in Athens, who is the central person for possible permission to search Greek waters with a sonar.


George Malcolmson, of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport, whose files on Triumph first put us onto the trail of the Antiparos incident.


Captain Paul Quinn, RN, and Admiral McAnally, both of the Royal Naval Association, who gave us a very valuable introduction to senior Hellenic Naval personnel.


Admiral George Chraniotis, Hellenic Navy, who introduced us to the National Centre for Marine Research in Attika.


Kostas Thoctarides, the noted Greek diver and wreck finder, who has extensively researched Triumph, and showed us Royal Navy records of minefields disclosed by the Axis after the war which he had tracked down in Greek Archives.  Kostas also provided the initial National Archive file reference which has opened up the Antiparos story.


Dr Malcolm LLewellyn Jones, of the Royal Navy Historical Branch, who has provided valuable insight into how the Antiparos incident might have been missed from the record.


Commander John McGregor OBE RN, founder of the Neptune Association, who is searching for the wreck site of the cruiser HMS Neptune sunk just three weeks before Triumph off Tripoli.


Paul London, who has been researching Triumph's story for many years.  Paul put us in touch with Jim Craig's daughter, and has a considerable archive of NZ material which throws light on Triumph's story.


Jim Erler, of Erler Design, who helps us to improve our photographs and resize them for easier and faster loading.


Captain Richard Wraith RN, who has commanded three of the Royal Navy's nuclear submarines, and whose father died in 1943 in HMS Trooper.


 Mike Swan of Slidebox, who has helped process some of our photos for the website











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